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Device Name: Neck Traction Device, Cervical Traction Device, Inflatable Neck Traction Device

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I like to feature and discuss products that I have used personally for patients and even myself. This inflatable neck traction device comes in very handy when you experience muscle tightness, stiffness of the neck, and even tingling down the arms. This tingling usually indicates a nerve irritation in the cervical region. This nifty little device is so user-friendly and easy to use. 

Many styles and features are now available on Amazon, If you do consider getting one, read the reviews. Some are more well made than others. The prices also vary anywhere from $11.00 to $39.99 or more.

I got one which was $16.99 and it was well made. I did give it to the patient to use. This patient is a trainee to be a corrections officer and has had neck issues which caused tingling in his arms. This was significantly reduced and this patient reports there are days where he does not experience the tingling at all.

DO consult with your doctor and a physical therapist for guidance if this device is appropriate for your condition.

Why do we suffer from neck pain and headaches? 
For the regular workers and nine to fivers, even simple desk work is enough to cause neck and back spasms. We have to carry the weight of our head (about 10-11 lbs in an adult) for hours during the day. 

No wonder the very slim and smaller muscles for the neck gets tired supporting the weight of the head for a prolonged period of time. 

  It can start as a pestering tightness behind the neck which going down the shoulders, upper back, and lower back. If unchecked, it can be a major cause of severe spasms or cramping, then can lead to terrible headaches.
Not only this, in severe cases, but this excessive and prolonged load on the cervical spine can also cause disc herniations, nerve impingement that can manifest as tingling, numbness, and even pins and needles on the arms and hand.  This can really be annoying, even debilitating, and hinders your ability to complete simple tasks at work.

1. Muscle spasms and tightness, the tension in the neck.
2. Headaches & dizziness
3. Poor concentration & irritability.
4. Decreased oxygen supply to the brain.
5. It can lead to more spine and back problems.
6. Poor breathing pattern from limited lung expansion.
7. Postural and core weakness.
8. Poor spinal alignment.

Posture plays a very important role in the good health of your neck. Always carry the head more towards the center and push the shoulders back instead of forward. This decreases the tension in the back of the neck, as the muscles relax from the burden of having to carry that load throughout the day.


1. Stand against a wall with your butt, shoulder blades, and back of your head touching the wall. Imagine a string or a plumb from the ceiling aligned to your side through the middle of your ear, shoulder, hips, and ankle.
2. Feel your spine straighten up and orient itself to the midline. Walk away from the wall in the same alignment as if you are still leaning against a wall. This is your ideal posture.
This is difficult for some people because of other spine problems, but still, you are able to find your ideal comfortable centered alignment where your posture feels most relaxed. 

***Now here's a very convenient and handy tool to relieve stress, tension, headache, neck pain, and muscle spasms. ***
lady with neck traction
Easy to use:
Use like a blood pressure cuff. Seal the pump and pump it to the desired setting. Release air valve to deflate the traction device. Velvety soft material. easily adjustable with Velcro straps. 

New and improved design, has tubes in all layers making inflation more even.

1. Relieves neck tension and muscle spasms from bad posture.
2. Improves blood circulation to the head, better oxygen flow to the head making you alert and focused.
3. It restores the neck's natural alignment (lordosis) that decreased pressure on the cervical discs. 
4. Makes you assume the good posture, minimize slouching which is the cause of tension and muscle tension on the back of the neck and shoulders. 
5. Very convenient to wear. Good for being more aware of posture when not fully inflated.
6. Serves as feedback for bringing the head back more instead of slouching forward that wears out the muscles on the back of the neck.

GREAT FOR NECK PROBLEMS INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING: (Always consult your doctor or physical therapist prior to use for better understanding of your condition)
1. Herniated, Bulging  Discs
2. Muscle Spasms
3. Dizziness and Headaches
4. Neck Arthritis
5. Stiff Neck
6. Poor posture

1. Inflate halfway until a slight pressure and stretch are felt. Hold for about 1 minute. Release halfway, then inflate again to a much higher stretch, hold again for 1-2 minutes then deflate again halfway.
2. Do the same procedure until a maximum tolerated stretch is felt. Stop use and release air immediately if you feel dizzy or lightheaded. 
3. After using for about 30 minutes, rest your neck. Apply a heating pad around the neck to continue to relax the muscles and optimize blood flow/ neck circulation for more muscle relaxation and relief. 
4. Do deep breathing exercises to allow better blood flow to the brain.
5. May use 2-3 x a day or as much as needed and tolerated. 

Please feel free to consult with me or contact me for more information. or

Thank you! Hope this helps.