Prime Motionz

 Prime Motionz: Tai-Chi based Exercise Program for Balance & Fall Prevention


Prime Motionz was conceived in 2003 at my physical therapy clinic in Melbourne, Florida. This was due to patient's request to be able to continue an exercise program after they have completed physical therapy treatments. Initially, it was limited to only patients of the clinic who graduated from the PT program. It was offered every Tuesday & Thursday afternoons at the clinic. 

Word in the community, however, got around and we had to accommodate the public as well. The clinic soon was too small to accommodate the number of students and I arranged for the classes to be conducted at the Palm Bay Community Center. It was then official that the class became a FREE community offering by the city of Palm bay every Thursday from 2:00 to 3:00 PM.

A word about the Tai-Chi-based exercise program grew and soon, local doctors started referring more patients to the clinic who can benefit from the program. We integrated the prime Motionz routine into our physical therapy program. This was especially helpful to patients who suffer from joint pains from arthritic conditions, post-surgical conditions including hip and knee replacements and fractures.

The results from patients and students who participated in the program were significant. Testimonials below: 


The participation in the Prime Motionz program I conducted at the Palm Bay Community Center grew. This was even more so during the winter months where snowbirds came down. Some winter classes I offered had attendees anywhere from 30 to 70 participants that the center had to open up three sections of the hall to accommodate everyone. I also had to bring in some of my staff, physical therapists, and assistants just to monitor and spot everyone to ensure safety.

The responsibilities of having to run three clinics that soon grew became a primary responsibility for me. I had to give up doing the classes myself and let one or two of my students continue the program. The program was offered for many years at the community center run by my students. I did visit when I could to offer lectures, tips, and coaching to learners when I can.

Life had been an up and down system for me the following years, however. Life challenges got in the way. My passion, however, for the Tai Chi-based exercise program I created did not wither away. It was because I witnessed the exceptional benefit I saw in my students and patients. 

This is a new beginning for me to revive this program and improve on it, to reach out to more people rather than just my local community. The age of advanced technology prompted me to conceptualize a remote learning program that people from anywhere in the world can avail of and also reap its benefits.

Just being able to raise awareness for the devastating epidemic of falls, costing lives and financial implications, would be very rewarding.

I will offer the Prime Motionz Course Online soon. 

Some memories from my Prime Motionz classes:

I will announce here when the course will be available. Drop me a note on the contact form if you would be interested in this program.  

See you around!