Hydra CoCo Pure Coconut Water - A Personal Review

Coconut Water for Hydration


(This is an independent review and opinion about this product and I did not receive compensation from the seller or manufacturer of this product. I am not an affiliate of Amazon as well.)

The coconut water craze has hit America. But there are truly benefits to this popular tropical plant commonly found in the tropics including Southeast Asia, which is the most common source of coconut water found in grocery and health food stores shelves currently.

There is much available literature about coconut water. I encourage you to read further about it. 

As there are not many real coconuts to harvest pure coconut water locally, I have to look for that source somewhere else.

Although it is an acquired taste for some people, not everyone has developed a liking to its taste, however. I personally gravitated to coconut water replacing the more common sports drink that I was used to when playing tennis.

It is my personal experience that using coconut water to hydrate during recreational tennis games, allowed me to last longer and enjoy the sport better. I am by no means a pro tennis player but do enjoy the game as a preferred exercise routine and recreation. I and some colleagues play tennis 2 - times a week, for about 3 - 4 hours at a time. This is after an 8 - 9 hour workday, mind you.
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I daresay that coconut water seems to extend my tolerance to all the running and hitting, without getting too sore the next day. It makes getting up early for work the next day easier! I have tried several brands and I do like to share my personal experience with these different brands.

#Hydra Coco caught my attention recently. I browsed through the listing for coconut water on Amazon. (What can I say, I love Amazon!) I am always on the lookout for different brands. I do mind the price and quantity and the convenience of taking it with me to the tennis courts.

This was my first taste of #Hydra Coco coconut water. 

Upon reading the labels, it showed 18 grams of sugars and no added sugar. Hmmm. 80 Calories total. Potassium was listed at 376 mg, and even Vitamin C at 18 mg, among others.


What I look for however is products that are NOT FROM CONCENTRATE, and are natural coconut water. Hydra coco definitely met this requirement for me.
The #Hydra Coco package boasts of this product being cholesterol-free, fat-free, Non- GMO, Gluten-free, and containing 5 essential electrolytes. Sounds good to me. WebMD indicated that coconut water can be equivalent to about 4 bananas. I guess I prefer that to munch on 4 bananas just to get through a tennis game. No brainer!


The Packaging: I would say #Hydra Coco's packaging is very neat. It handled shipping well, at 11.1 fl oz. per can, there are 12  in each box. The design is attractive as well. Very sporty and trendy. Designed very well for sure. Pleasing to the eye.

I took the first gulp and I noticed that indeed, it does not taste sugary; Kind of mild and more natural tasting. Having tasted what fresh from the tree coconut water tastes like, I'd say, this tastes very close to the real deal. It did not have an aftertaste. It did taste better chilled. 
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It is indeed hydrating and made a big difference when playing tennis. I can handle 3 - 4 hours playing easy. I can usually finish 2 cans of the Hydra Coco coconut water and 2 bottles of water to balance it out. I have experienced no cramps during the game, which usually plague me with regular sports drinks. No soreness the day after either. I'm a fan of coconut water.

#Hydra Coco is manufactured by a small Miami-based company, and I do support smaller and local companies by featuring unbiased reviews of their products if I had a personal experience with them.


I definitely give #Hydra Coco a bigπŸ‘thumbs up. 
 - πŸ‘Packaging 
- πŸ‘Price (Very reasonable for a 12-can box, $20.99)
- πŸ‘Taste 
- πŸ‘Value (Worth the money for a quality product)

It's definitely worth a try. I am for sure, will be using this product. Again, this is an independent and personal review and I am in no way affiliated with the manufacturers and Amazon.

#Hydra Coco, keep it up!